• Jul
  • 25
  • 2014

FREEBIE #4 | Eid Gift Giving!


Eid gift box, gift tags & money packets!

*You may download this printable at the end of this post*

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17 responses to “FREEBIE #4 | Eid Gift Giving!”

  1. Noveen says:

    Hi, I love this so much. The pdf that I downloaded is asking for a password which I cant seem to find, please help.

  2. sarah says:

    I love this very much. Thank you for this

  3. hoda says:

    Hi,I love this so much it’s so perfect <3 , But the pdf asking for a password p;ease help me i need it ..

  4. Abeer says:

    many thanks to your generosity … luv it so much :)

  5. ema says:

    really…really love it…
    thank you soooo much….

  6. Soukayna says:

    MashAllah! May Allah grant you blessing in your work. I loved the printables and have obviously printed all of them lol

  7. Joronda Montano says:

    I stumbled across you on Pinterest. Jazakallahkhair. MashaAllah all of your work is absolutely beautiful!

  8. siti rugaya says:

    in sya ALLAH

  9. Chahida says:

    Salaam 3lykom wa rahmatoe allah wa baraqatoe.

    Ik kan deze niet downloaden?
    Mag ik de juiste link djazaak allah ghairen

  10. nina says:

    Bonjour, impossible de télécharger les fichiers proposés Pouvez-vous m’aider ? ils sont magnifiques ! merci d’avance

  11. samavia says:

    Salaam, your printables are lovely ma sha Allah but I am struggling to download them. can you assist me please? I look forward to your reply, really want these!

    thank you

  12. Sarah says:

    Can I please have help downloading the money envelope PDF? It looks so pretty but can’t open link to download

  13. Iva says:

    waalaikumsalam, The link should be working now inshallah. Thanks :)

  14. Iva says:

    Hi, The link should be working now inshallah. Thanks :)

  15. yara says:

    hi! thank you so much for this, it made my day!please make some videos on it. thank you

  16. Raya Abdullah says:

    Same problem with me
    I just want to adjust the sizes and number
    And for personal use

  17. Humaira says:

    Salaam …Thanxxx sooo mch for the freebie (eid money envelope )
    Loving it!!
    Thanx again !!

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