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Freebie Friday | First Printable for Ramadan 2014!


Ramadan is just a few days away inshallah and I am so excited!  Firstly, it will be my first fasting Ramadan since 4 years ago, simple because…

Ramadan’10 (nifaas)
Ramadan’11 (breasfeeding-low milk supply)
Ramadan’13 (pregnant)

So inshallah this Ramadan’14, even though I am still breastfeeding, I have Doterra’s essential oils to thank for to boost my milk supply (please say Masha’Allah!) Alhamdulillah! I really need this Ramadan as an iman boost so please keep me in your duas :)


To kick start our Ramadan at home, I have made these printables for myself and for girls and I’d like to share it with you guys too! I’m sure your children would love some colouring in activities and for the bigger kids, they can read the breaking fast duas before iftaar, inshallah! *

May Allah accept our fast and our good deeds, may He increase our imaan and make us better Muslims, ameen!

*Please note that I have consulted with a qualified sheikh regarding dua’s before breaking the fast. There are a couple of duas that are weak, but the sheikh informed me this one is authentic and that we should be consistent in making duas at the time of breaking fast, because this is the time when duas are answered by Allah, so we should also make our own personal dua.



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5 responses to “Freebie Friday | First Printable for Ramadan 2014!”

  1. fatema says:

    Jazak’Allah for the beautiful free printable.

    May I know the name(s)of the doTerra oils you used to increase your milk supply?

  2. ruya says:

    Assalamu alaikum
    This is beautiful. Do you have this in smaller sizes, I’d love to print this out for my students.

  3. sadia says:

    As’alaam alaikum I wanted to know if I can purchase the bonus poster some were would love to print it out at keep it at the dinner table during Ramadan. Theirs an error when clicking on the image JazakAllah

  4. Iva says:

    waalaikumsalam, The link should be working now inshallah. Thanks :)

  5. Syar says:

    Asalamua’laikum, thank you so much for these printables. Wishing you a very happy Ramadan :)

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