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  • 27
  • 2013

Eid & Ramadan Greeting Cards

We are so excited to launch our new range of Eid & Ramadan Greeting cards!

This will be our first Greeting Card project and we are so over the moon with how it turned out, Alhamdulillah.

These cards are part of a collaborative effort between in my studio and The 114.Remember a couple of months ago I said that Aida (from the 114) and I are collaborating on something? Well here they are!


There are 4 designs this Eid, and one of them is a Ramadan card (featured above). The Eid Cards come from the Geometry Collection(rectangles, circles and triangles) and the Ramadan is part of the Pastel Collection.

Playing with geometrics and a cool colour palette, the cards translate perfectly our inclination to clean and contemporary aesthetics. Nothing tacky or over the top, in fact they are so contemporary and modern that it fits in with our way of life now. This is what we are about-clean designs, and thats it!

Printed in Australia on 100% recycled paper, rest assured your purchase is truly an eco friendly product! We do hope that these cards will be finding their way to homes around the worldl, In Sha Allah!



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34 Responses to “Eid & Ramadan Greeting Cards”

  1. [...] first Edition was such a success Mashallah, so we thought let’s do this twice a year can call it our [...]

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