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Eid 2021 | Gift Tags

Eid 2021 | Gift Tags

Materials you will need

1. This printable template (print as many as you wish)
2. Scissors
3. Ribbon or string
4. Hole punch
5. Your Wrapped Eid gifts!


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Freebie week 3 | Eid Gift Tags

Assalamualaikum! Its week 3 of Ramadan! If you haven’t packed your Eid gifts, I suggest you hurry and wrap them. I used to wait to the lats minute and be all frantic on the eve of Eid! It drove me crazy, so this time, I am wrapping them before the last 10 nights.

These work so well with pastel coloured wrapping paper. It matches with the pastel sprinkles theme I have going on!

Upon clicking the download button, you adhere to my policies. This file is strictly for personal use ONLY. Which means you can print as many times as long as it is for your own use, not for commercial (profit making). Prohibited to resell and/or distribute this file, digitally or in printed form.

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