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review + giveaway


My friend Amnah over at This Little Life of Mine has done a review on a couple of my prints and in conjuction with this, in my studio is giving away an art print of your choice – free shipping worldwide! Please read her review here on her blog for your chance to be in the winning. All the best!

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{sponsored} A gift for someone special

Every December my parents would be in Malaysia for their annual holiday except for last years December 2012. So my sister and I decided to throw a family getaway. We went to Bright.

What makes a perfect getaway for you? For us its, FOOD! Glorious food!

I decided to surprise my parents with this wonderful hamper, ‘Simply Delicious’ from Interflora. It is packed full of goodies to munch on; on our way there, during our stay and on the way back. We had honey coated peanuts to keep us entertained in the car on our 3 hour journey; for our afternoon teas we had those soft melting moments (which are to die for); for our movie night we had chocolate coated honeycomb and caramel popcorn; as for our picnic in the park…we enjoyed chilli & garlic marinated olives with some savoury cheese biscuit straws, wafer crackers dipped in mild chunky salsa and apricot & macadamia dip. This had us pretty much covered for the entire trip. Except of course one hamper wasn’t enough, it was more of a tasting platter for the 7 of us. I did mention that this hamper was originally for my parents, right? Of course it was too good to resist so we all digged in!

There were a few things that I loved about Interflora online. One, their website is very user friendly. The theme is so easy on the eye, navigating through categories and browsing at my own pace was very relaxing and enjoyable. As a designer myself, I find this point really important. The first look is what matters the most – to attact your customers, not push them away from being overwhelmed by products.

Secondly, I liked how they incorporated a few ‘extras’ to complement your purchase to make it even special. I added an extra teddy bear so I could hand it to my daughter during our trip. You can add a flower, balloon etc.

And lastly,Interflora delivers internationally! By a click of a button, its on its way to being delivered without having to worry. This is a big bonus for us as we have a lot of relatives overseas.

Unfortunately I am not able to share any personal photos of the hamper content as my camera phone was stolen! *sigh*

However, hop on over to Interflora and be amazed by what they have to offer. You will surely find something that will suit your needs and budget.

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{sponsored post} aliya’s toy laptop


                        (Image above shows Aliya playing with her ‘VTech My Laptop’)

When we’re at my sister-in-law’s house, all the cousins would often fight over access to that one and only toy laptop. So when my daughter recently unwrapped a present we had gotten her, she was very excited that she now had her very own laptop. She started clicking the mouse and pressing the buttons on the keyboard.  It is something she is vey familiar with, as any 2 year old toddler would do, disturb mum when mum is on the laptop!

The Vtech laptop is fun, interactive and educational. It can keep an active toddler busy for a while well beyond their usual 2 minute attention span! It has various well-designed alphabetical and numerical based games.

As parents, my husband and I have always liked the idea of ‘educational toys’. Be it books, puzzles, play dough or anything else that involves hand and brain coordination. Obviously, kids will still need some physical playtime activities and games but the Vtech goes a long way to giving my children a head start in their development.

We got this laptop from www.oo.com.au  and they have a variety of games and toys to choose from for different ages and gender. Their website is user friendly and if you browse through the kids section, not only have they categorised their toys into boy/girl sections, they have also made categories for doll toys, electronic toys, educational toys, wooden toys, stuffed toys etc. This is something that I found extremely useful when navigating as a first time user. Unlike some other websites, I knew exactly where I was going rather than being overwhelmed by hundreds of products all at once. The best part about www.oo.com.au is that once you place an order and pay, your order is instantly delivered to your doorstep within 2-3 days.

I love online shopping!  The best part is that I can conveniently sit on my couch sipping my tea whilst browsing stock, all at my own convenience. So do check out the kids section at www.oo.com.au and I hope you have as much of an enjoyable browsing/shopping experience as I did.

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