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  • 18
  • 2011

designer islamic canvas art

designer islamic frame

I love simple Islamic art. And I don’t like buying if I am capable of doing it myself. Inspired by motifs usually found in traditional mosques, I’ve transformed this piece into a modern art by simply playing with 2 colours and a range of shades. This piece is hung in my house and I get asked many times by visitors ‘Oh, where did you buy this’ or ‘ Did you make this?’. So I shall soon, one day, find a supplier and start selling Inshallah.

frame islamic

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  • 02
  • 2011

nursery chair

A few of months ago, I was on a hunt for a nursery chair. I knew what I wanted, a white rattan chair…but didn’t want to fork out big bucks for it so I decided to make a trip to my local op shop (second hand shop). It took me a couple of weeks to finally spot one. It was an ugly dull green chair. Oh well, I couldn’t care less about its colour as I knew it had potential, a few spray cans later and ta-da, totally transformed!

  • Second hand chair: $15
  • 3 White spray cans: $9
  • Total: $24

Now that’s a bargain. They retail for at least $80. Give it a try the next time you’re thinking of buying something new.

  • Jul
  • 01
  • 2010

we’re moving…

Out  inshallah! We get the keys to our new place on the 15th so we’ll be leasing this place through an agent soon. I am due in 2 weeks so hopefully we can have a smooth transition before I go to labour. (edit: I gave birth 2 weeks early, 3 days before we’re supposed to get the keys!). The good thing is, its only a 5 minute drive. So that makes it all a bit better as we don’t have to rush all in one go. I have been busy packing everything into boxes incase I give birth early, but usually they say first babies go over their due date. (edit:I didn’t manage to pack everything (due to early labour) so hubby had to chuck stuff into boxes and now I can’t find my things!). Notice the burgundy wall? No, I didn’t decide on that colour. It was already there when we first moved in.

Our new house needs a lot of work modernising. Though still in a very good living condition, I’d rather fix up the necessary such as, update the kitchen (more like demolish and re-build), strip out the ugly wallpaper and vinyl flooring etc before I move in with bubs. So the plan is to vacate this place before my due date. Get new tenants. Go to labour. Have bubs. Stay at parents for x amount of weeks until hubby finishes renovating. Move into our new home.

We got my sister to take photos so we can put it on lease soon inshallah. I really hope the new tenants will take good care of this house as much as I did. I am going to miss this place *sob*.

Photos courtesy of Fairuz Izman.

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